So now you can manage your java feature toggles with featureflow’s cracking feature control platform!

You can use it now by following the guide at

Implementing is simple:

install the sdk with

    <version>(See github for the latest!)</version>

Create the client

String apiKey = "<Your Server Environment Api Key goes here>";
FeatureflowClient featureflow = FeatureflowClient.builder(apiKey).build();

and evaluate your features:

if(featureflow.evaluate('my-feature-key', context).isOn()){
  // this feature code will be run because 'my-feature-key' is set to 'on'

You can sign up at and check the docs at
As with all our SDKs they are Open source, we love your input, suggestions, fixes and improvements.

Featureflow is a cloud based feature management tool which allows you to simply and safely manage feature controls (feature toggles) in your application. We enable gradual rollout, audience targeting, variant testing combined with audit logging and integrations. Sign up at


The featureflow team